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Tips to prevent bad breath

Bad breath may be caused by systemic, non-oral conditions. These include sinusitis, tonsilloliths  (small calcified matter in the tonsils), kidney failure, liver disease etc. In this cases, it is time to consult an internist.
The tiny crevices in between teeth and gums,faulty dental work, the teeth themselves, abscesses (pus-filled, inflamed areas around the teeth) and unclean dentures also harbor halitosis-causing bacteria, although to a much lesser degree than the tongue.

Tips to shape up your body

Life today sees many of us sitting for long stints during the day, everyday. Our muscles pay the price. The stiff joints and weakened muscles that we sometimes blame on aging are often a direct effect of inactivity.

You can counter the effects of the sedentary lifestyle with strength-training exercises. These will give you toned-muscles-stronger, firmer better looking muscles and help avoid potentially debilitating bone and joint injuries.Strength training exercises also increase your lean body mass. Which raises your metabolic rate to help you control your weight